Width Aspect Ratio Radial/Bias Rim Diameter Speed Symbol Load index Play Rating Serial Load Capacity Sidewall
1200 - R 24 - 0 18 DM04 0 0
1200 - R 24 - 0 0 DM04 0 0
Engineered primarily for off road conditions, the DM04 is a drive-axle traction radial with deep, wide treads for high mobility. Powerful construction ensures durability and long life. Open shoulder offers agile maneuvering while large tread blocks and special compound resist cuts and penetrations. Rugged, four steel belt structure allows maximum load, provides fuel efficiency and high mileage. Aggressive lug tread pattern with open shoulder enhances powerful grip and improves self-cleaning capability Massive tread blocks and specific tread compound offer superb resistance against cuts and penetrations Robust four-belt construction with a specific protection layer delivers extra-long casing life
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