Width Aspect Ratio Radial/Bias Rim Diameter Speed Symbol Load index Play Rating Serial Load Capacity Sidewall
205 70 R 15 H 0 4 H418 0 0
205 70 R 15 H 0 0 H418 0 0
The Optimo H418 is one of Hankook Tire's Passenger All-Season tires designed for compact SUVs. It provides sporty looks, predictable handling and year-round traction, even in light snow. On the outside, the Optimo H418 features an all-season compound molded into a symmetric, independent block tread design to provide traction on dry, wet and light snow-covered roads. Internally, the Optimo H418 features twin steel belts reinforced by a nylon cap ply to stabilize the tread area and a polyester cord body to help cushion the ride. Hankook Optimo H418 tires feature black sidewall styling with subtle black letters reversed out of a serrated sidewall band.
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