Auto Services

Tire Balancing

Prevent any vibration in the steering wheel or the floorboard and go to the nearest Ghataty tire shop to fit and fix it now.


Tire Change

Change your flat tire with your spare one or get a new tire from our wide collection! We have more than 10 tire brands.


Tire Repair

We are the nearest tire shop to you! Ghataty have 40 stores all over Egypt to help you fit and fix your tires in minutes.


Tire Nitrogen

Nitrogen tires don't lose tire pressure as fast as air-filled tires. Go to your nearest Ghataty shop and try our premium service.

Car Wash

Car wash with the best prices in Egypt. Go to the nearest Ghataty shop to clean your car and enjoy our premium service.

Wheel Alignment

Tire alignment improves overall handling of the vehicle. Go to the nearest Ghataty shop to fit and fix your tires. 


Battery Detection

Test your car battery & electrical system regularly twice a year.  Go to the nearest Ghataty shop to fit and fix your car. 


Oil Change

Ghataty offers one-stop-shop where you can get a premuim  quick service and top quality lubricants.